Our Raptors are strong, resilient, and courageous.

When things get tough we work through it together and we are here for you!

Some tips on handling emotions, sadness, and change while building resilience and grit!!


Resilience/Keep Calm 

Hunter learns three steps to keep calm when feeling scared or upset!


Learning about our emotions and what to do with them?


Not quitting and going forward with Mojo and Katie from Dojo.

Growth Mindset and Positive Thoughts


Hang in there, you’ve got this!!!

**********************4th-6th Grade********************

Resilience/Keep Calm


Alfred is angry, scared, sad and lonely. What do you do with all of that?


More of it?

Perspective makes all the difference!

How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude!


School counselors are advocates for students. They seek to build relationships to help students grow emotionally, socially and academically. Counselors are first and foremost here to support student academic and learning development, helping students achieve school success. Second, life and career development, which helps students focus on future life and career goals. Counselors work to provide an awareness of multicultural and global citizenship to allow students to see opportunity in the ever evolving global communities. Finally, the school counselor provides social and emotional support allowing students to develop resiliency and strength as they work towards their future. Your school counselor is in the school to support you!


"Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality" Malala Yousafzai





Heather Treece

Heather Treece

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Megan Hansen

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